Closing The Renewables Gap: How Do We Find the Renewable Power to Produce Green Hydrogen?

Time: 9:10 AM - 9:50 AM

Date: 2024/02/28


According to research, allowing planned US green hydrogen projects to use existing renewable energy sources could result in 1.5 to five times higher greenhouse gas emissions than from gray hydrogen production. This is  because the renewable energy which would have been used by the grid would have to be replaced by new coal and gas fired power that would not otherwise have been generated. With this in mind, how do we ensure that the green hydrogen transition achieves its decarbonization goals?

  • Addressing the Renewable Energy Elephant: the green hydrogen economy will require an estimated 850GW of power globally by 2030, how do we scale up to reach this figure?
  • Exploring the need for mandates or subsidies to accelerate renewable energy growth, and the government’s role in scaling renewables.
  • Analyzing the cost dynamics of green hydrogen and the potential for increased renewable energy adoption to drop to as low as $1.40/kg by 2030.



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