Unlocking Private Capital: Who Will Take the Risk of Investing in Green Hydrogen Projects?

Time: 4:15 PM - 5:00 PM

Date: 2024/02/28


  • Addressing the barriers to private investment in hydrogen projects, including high initial capital costs, market uncertainty, and technological risks.
  • Discussing the role of policy, especially the U.S. hydrogen hubs program, backed by $7 billion, and how that aims to unlock tens of billions in private capital.
  • How can North America learn from the mistakes in deploying capital in other markets? From the €130 billion of investment announced in the EU, only a fraction has reached a final investment decision.


  • Rob Edwards Managing Director - HamiltonClark Sustainable Capital


  • Patty Liao Vice President, Offtake Advisory - Marathon Capital
  • Agathe Defrance Senior Financial Analyst - Green Giraffe Advisory
  • Polo GomezPolo Gomez Vice President Infrastructure - Citi

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